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 Alliance University Facilities

Alliance University Facilities

Alliance university has provide good facilities for students and faculty,

Computer lab -

  • Gain and update knowledge widely in the subjects or general through internet facilities.

Auditorium -

  • Contact many programmes where student can interact with good individuals and successful professionals.

Gym -

  • Available good conditional equipments.

Lab -

  • Well equiped lab facilities.

Hostel -

  • Comfortable rooms with basic furniture. Freshly hygenic food and filtered drinking water is given

Medical Care Center -

  • Take care of the health condition of students and faculty

Transport -

  • Availbale to many rural and urban places are great with professional drivers and good conditional buses.

Wifi -

  • Entire campus is enabled.

Sports -

  • Provide better facilities for indoor and outdoor sports.

Cafeteria -

  • Offers a multicusine with good Canteen Food.

Library -

  • contains extraordinary colection of books, journals and other study material

Contact us @ 8884555829 For Immediate Assistance.